About Mökki Studios

Mökki is the small-building wing of Field Studio Architects. You can see our full architectural site hereSince 2012 we have been designing and building our own range of high-quality, modular studios throughout the UK. Mökki studios are fully insulated and double glazed and are ideal for use as garden offices, artist's studios, craft spaces or music studios. Available in various sizes with a choice of twenty four different layouts, they take about two days to install on site including foundations.


We have a Mökki 'Shelter' model available for viewings just outside Totnes in Devon. Please get in touch if you are down this way.




We can provide you with a fully installed, modern, insulated garden studio at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke garden building and to a far higher spec than the standard off-the-peg models offered by many of our competitors.



Bespoke garden buildings can cost upwards of £25,000. Off-the-peg models tend to use cheap materials such as UPVC windows and doors and redwood (softwood) cladding and are often priced excluding foundations. Mökki studios are made from quality, sustainable materials and cost around £15,000 fully installed. See all our pricing information here.




The Mökki system uses off-site fabrication techniques and CNC cutting technology which results in speedy manufacture and almost zero wastage. Also, because we have designed the building around the construction process, we are able to install one of our studios over a two or three day period including foundations - this is very unusual within the industry.


All our timber is sourced responsibly from FSC certified plantations. We use OSB with zero formaldehyde content and all our finishing products (Osmo) have low VOC content. 



There are two basic Mökki models called 'Shelter' and 'Quad'. The Shelter model is suited to narrower spaces with the short side facing the garden or in exposed locations where the canopy provides some additional shelter. The Quad model is suited to wider spaces with the long side facing the garden and the back pushed against a boundary. Both models are available in two sizes and each with a range of six layouts so overall there are twenty four different arrangements to choose from. 


All models are built to the same high-quality materials specification. The structural panels, and the windows too, are constructed from CNC-cut spruce plywood which provides a natural and durable internal finish. The external cladding is an open rainscreen made from tough and beautiful Siberian Larch. The door is made by the Danish manufacturer Rationel and is supplied in a black timber finish with satin stainless steel ironmongery. The roof is finished in a rubber membrane and all our studios 'float' above the ground level and sit on low-impact foundations which are included in the price.

There are no hidden extras. Although there are some options to choose from, all our prices, along with full details of our range and materials specification, are set out clearly in our brochure.

NEW! Mökki Cube

3 layouts available

New! Mökki Tube

3 layouts available

Mökki Shelter Compact

6 layouts available

Mökki Shelter Large

6 layouts available

Mökki Quad Compact

6 layouts available

Mökki Quad Large

6 layouts available