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About Mökki Studios

Mökki is the small-building wing of Field Studio Architects. You can see our full architectural site hereSince 2012 we have been designing, building and installing our own range of high-quality, modular studios throughout the UK. Mökki studios are fully insulated and double glazed and are ideal for use as garden offices, artist's studios, craft spaces, music studios or guest rooms. They are pre-fabricated in Devon and take about two days to install on site including foundations. 




We can provide you with a fully installed, modern, insulated garden studio at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke garden building and to a far higher spec than the standard off-the-peg models offered by many of our competitors.



Bespoke garden buildings can cost upwards of £20,000. Off-the-peg models tend to use cheap materials such as UPVC windows and doors and are often priced excluding foundations. Mökki studios are made from quality, sustainable materials and cost between £10,000 and £12,000 fully installed.




The Mökki system uses off-site fabrication techniques and CNC cutting technology which results in speedy manufacture and almost zero wastage. Also, because we have designed the building around the construction process, we are able to install one of our studios over a two day period including foundations - this is very unusual within the industry.


All our timber is sourced responsibly from FSC certified plantations. We use OSB with zero formaldehyde content and all our finishing products (Osmo) have low VOC content. 




Mökki studios are available in two basic sizes but with a total of twelve different layouts to suit different site configurations. All the structural panels, and the windows too, are constructed from CNC-cut spruce plywood which provides a natural and durable internal finish. The external cladding is an open rainscreen made from tough and beautiful Siberian Larch. The door is made by the Danish manufacturer Rationel and is supplied in a black timber finish with satin stainless steel ironmongery. The roof is finished in a rubber membrane with a slight fall front to back.


Our studios 'float' above the ground level and sit on low impact (no-concrete) foundations. As standard, we provide electrical cabling to 4 different plug socket positions which can then be connected up by a third party. Alternatively, Jon, one of our installers and a qualified electrician, can give you a price for a full electrical installation with armoured cable running back to your house. 

Materials Specification

Internal finish - 18mm Wisa Spruce Plywood

Insulation - 100mm Earthwool

External cladding - Siberian Larch rainscreen

Windows - Double glazed low E toughened


Door - Rationel timber/aluminium composite with satin stainless steel ironmongery

Roof - 1.5mm thick EPDM rubber sheet

Low impact foundations 

Internal wiring to 4 different plug socket locations


Mökki S1 and S2 - £11,500

Mökki S3, S4, S5, S6 - £11,250

Mökki L1 and L2 - £12,500

Mökki L3, L4, L5, L6 - £12,250

Prices include VAT, transport and installation within a 50 mile radius of Totnes although we can travel further by request for an additional charge. Parking and reasonable site access assumed. 


Internally finish plywood in Osmo Poly X oil (recommended for winter installations) - £250

Fitted desk for S models - £250

Space required

We need a reasonably clear zone around the outside of a Mökki in order to build it so we need to be at least 50cm away from a fence or any other obstruction. Please see plans below for details of the approximate amount of space required. 


Mökki S2 with built in desk - £11,250 

Mökki S Range

Mökki L Range